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Michigan-funded Chinese battery maker will require allegiance to...

•, Leo Hohmann

Michigan's governor signs deal that includes corporate rules for Chinese battery plant to 'Strengthen the construction of (CCP) organization and Party members at the grass-roots level of the Company'

It's remarkable to me that any serious nation could be doing what the United States government and its corporate partners are doing right now to undermine their own national security interests.

What are they doing that's so shocking, you ask?

The insane government of the United States is provoking war with China, an opposing military and economic power, while at the same time inviting and paying that opposing country to build a massive factory on its soil, in the state of Michigan, heaping huge taxpayer-funded incentives on the Chinese in the process. Of course they are also allowing that opposing country, China, which they clearly want to go to war with, to buy up American farmland. Utterly insane.

Neither Michigan nor any of the other states allowing China to buy up land and build factories could get away with this if federal law didn't allow it. We are being sold out to the highest bidder. The frightening fact is that the highest bidder — China — is the same entity that our government is currently threatening and telling that it had better not get involved in helping its ally, Russia, in its war with Ukraine.

Insane? It would certainly appear so. The only way to rationalize such seemingly insane policies is if the U.S. government wanted not only to go to war with China/Russia but wanted to lose that war. This would truly pave the way for a one-world dictatorship under a beast system as prophesied in the Bible.