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Jewish radicals attack Jerusalem's Church of Gethsemane during Sunday's worship

•, By Jeff Wright

Sunday, two Israeli radicals entered Jerusalem's Greek Orthodox Church of Gethsemane, destroying property and injuring Archbishop Joachim, who was leading the service. A second priest was also injured. 

A video was recorded of the attack and the perpetrators' arrest. 

In a statement released Sunday, The Greek Patriarchate of Jerusalem, represented by Patriarch Theophilis III, laments that "terrorist attacks, by radical Israeli groups, targeting churches, cemeteries, and Christian properties, in addition to physical and verbal abuse against Christian clergy, have become almost a daily occurrence."

Other recent incidents include the Christmas week takeover of Greek Orthodox land by settlers backed by Israeli police and the New Year's Day desecration of more than 30 graves at the Protestant Cemetery on Mt Zion. Toward Freedom reported that in January, an Armenian Christian restaurant in the Old City's Christian Quarter was attacked by a group of about 30 persons "wearing clothes indicating Jewish identity" and that in February, a Jewish tourist toppled a wooden statue of Jesus in a church in the Old City.