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Researchers Develop Water Treatment that Zaps 'Forever Chemicals' for Good

•, By Andy Corbley

A new solution from the Univ. of British Columbia can both filter out and then destroy these forever chemicals, purifying water resources cheaply and effectively.

"Think Brita filter, but a thousand times better," says UBC chemical and biological engineering professor Dr. Madjid Mohseni, who developed the technology.

Generally referred to as PFAS, short for poly-fluoroalkyl substances, forever chemicals number in the thousands and are generally what make products stain-resistant or non-stick.

Too much exposure to these chemicals can lead to a myriad of health problems from cancer to hormonal dysregulation.

One of the major challenges with PFAS contimination is that they are included in foams and sprays used by firefighters to combat blazes in houses and in the woods. These then leech into groundwater or flow into rivers and contaminate drinking water, especially in smaller locales where sufficient filtration equipment isn't present.