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TUCKER Shows MSNBC Video of Trump Supporters on Jan 6 Throwing Things at Capitol Police...

•, By Joe Hoft

The truth about Jan 6 is being covered up by the Democrats, the Deep State and the media.

The Democrats and very wicked individuals on the Jan 6 committee covered up the real truth behind the Jan 6 protests and how the government had infiltrated the Trump crowd and created a riot that day.

Four Trump supporters were killed that day and there is reason to believe they were murdered.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy promised to release all the videos from that day.  He then gave access to only one team at one media outlet.

Tucker Carlson at FOX News was given access and his team put together some video that they found important but only a few minutes from the 41,000 hours of video were released.

Carlson showed a few videos a week ago that provided the true picture of events at the Capitol on Jan 6.  This is all the American people have been allowed to see.

Tucker Carlson shared an MSNBC video on his show on Tuesday night from the Jan 6 protests and riots at the US Capitol.  The video looked horrible.  It showed Trump supporters throwing things at the Capitol Police.

In the video, Trump supporters were freaked out.  The Capitol Police were killing a young woman right in front of their eyes.  They were screaming at the police to STOP – STOP YOU'RE KILLING HER.  But the cops wouldn't listen.  That's when the Trump supporters started throwing things at the police. 

Rosanne Boyland killed that day by Capitol Police.  Cara Castronuova at The Gateway Pundit later posted video of Capitol Police Officer Lila Morris beating Rosanne dozens of times as she lay unconscious on the steps of the US Capitol.