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De-Banking Journalists

• by Martin Armstrong

Her content goes against the grain and traditional narrative. The Australian-based journalist has been questioning COVID, the Great Reset, governments, globalists, the war in Ukraine, and many other topics that are completely taboo in the mainstream media. They attempted to shut down her channel in the past. Now, she has been de-banked with no explanation.

"Do you shut down peoples accounts due to their political views by any chance?" Maria asked the bank representative, only to be met with silence. Maria had been banking with ING Bank for numerous years without issues. Her account was suddenly shut down shortly after releasing a story on domestic terrorism in Australia. ING Bank has been unable to explain why her account was canceled.

Interestingly, ING is a partner of the World Economic Forum. Maria has extensively covered the WEF's agenda to "enslave humanity." Is Australia secretly keeping track of journalists' "social credit scores" to silence skepticism?

The idea of eliminating someone's ability to bank is essentially eliminating them from society. We saw Canada do the same thing to those protesting the Trucker Convoy. Trudeau took things a step further by also de-banking people who simply donated to the cause. The Canadian government used the premise of money laundering as a way to coerce the banks into reporting any activity that could have been intended to help the protestors. I know of numerous people who were frantically attempting to remove their funds from the bank during this time.