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Tesla Roadster Batteries Are Failing, Revealing End Of Life Symptoms

• by John Neff

Gruber Motor Company, a Tesla service provider with particular focus on the original Roadster, has released detailed information on how the battery packs in those cars are beginning to reach their end of life. According to the company, this info can teach us the symptoms to expect when multi-cell battery packs in the many long-range EVs that came after the Roadster begin to reach their end of life.

The video published on Gruber's YouTube channel explains Roadsters with batteries reaching their end of life will experience a significant decrease in power when their packs begin to fail, being unable to exceed 60 miles per hour, safely merge onto a highway, or even go up hills. The symptoms are subtle at first, with what one affected owner describes as a "squishy pedal feel," but then increase quickly, eventually rendering the car undriveable.

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