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US Tensions With Iran Reignite As Dollar's Petro-Currency Status Under Threat

• by Tyler Durden

Rumors are swirling that Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria are on the verge of geopolitical and economic agreements that sidestep the US.  It is perhaps not surprising that just as these deals are being announced, there has been a sudden resurgence of fighting between US forces in Syria and Iran supported insurgent groups in the eastern region of the country.

Joe Biden addressed the issue in a short statement, asserting that his administration is 'not seeking conflict with Iran', but that the US government would act to protect its personnel deployed in Syria.  The comments were a response to an apparent drone strike on a US military instillation in Syria which killed at least one American contractor and injured several others.  Biden has authorized airstrikes against Iran backed forces in Syria as retaliation, though, it should be noted that no evidence has yet been presented of Iranian involvement.