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Take Me Down To The 15-Minute City, Where The Woke Are Broke And The Food Is Shitty

• by Jeff Berwick

A: posts meme – "The year is 2042, my electric car won't start because yesterday I used the wrong pronoun. No air conditioner in my 30 sq ft pod, because I've reached my monthly allotment of farts."

B: What are you saying? Are you implying that there is some sort of totalitarian government plot where they forcibly prevent you from leaving your designated area and that you won't be permitted to see people outside your zone? And that they'll track your movements and fine or arrest you if you don't comply? I honestly don't know where you right-wing zealot nut jobs get these ideas. 

A: Yes. It's called 15-minute cities. And carbon credit. 

B: Way to tell us you're a far-right anti-vaxxer conspiracist without telling us you're a far-right anti-vaxxer conspiracist. Let me explain to you what a 15-minute city actually means. A 15-minute city doesn't mean you're trapped within a 15-minute radius of your house, it means everything you need is within a 15-minute walk or bike of your house. 

A: So there won't be traffic filters to limit car use through certain parts of the city monitored by automatic license plate readers? And these filters wouldn't fine drivers from outside the "zone"? And you'll be "allowed" access to off-limit zones on a pre-determined allotment of days per year? 

B: I'm legitimately confused. Do you enjoy driving 20 minutes for groceries or a half-hour to eat in some restaurant? Why wouldn't you want to live in a local community like that? Our grandparents all did. 

A: I'm legitimately confused too. What's your brand of socialism? Why does everything need to be within 15 minutes of me? Why can't my kids' school be 45 minutes away? My job? And, if it's voluntary why do I pay a fine if I step outside my zone? 

B: WHY DO YOU HAVE TO?!? All they're trying to do is make life better for you and the planet.  And if this is not "convenient" for you, tough luck, we all have to do our bit for climate change. It's useless arguing with you extremist climate deniers.

A: Yes. 

Yeah… You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of reality. In today's show, we talk about,