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Consequences of Censorship

•, By Dr. Ed Berry

Montana's radical right (RR) controls Montana's government. They happily rearrange their political deck chairs, unaware that their powerful Titanic will hit an iceberg on June 12, 2023, when the Our Childrens' Trust (OCT) of Oregon, Held v Montana (HvM) trial begins.

OCT just won its climate lawsuit in Hawaii. When OCT wins HvM, Montana's MCA § 90-4-I00l(c)-(g), MCA § 75-l-201(2)(a), energy policy, and MEPA climate change exceptions will be unconstitutional. Democrats will control Montana's resources, energy, economy, and education.

Equally important, HvM will legally define unscientific junk to be the "climate truth" that Montana's schools will use to brainwash and scare Montana's kids.

In 2011, on my own dime, I defeated the same HvM when it was a petition in Montana's Supreme Court, thereby saving Montana conservatives billions of dollars per year. As my reward, Montana censored me from helping Montana win HvM.

This letter is not about me. It is about saving conservative Montana. This is what you need to know.

Our AG and Governor have betrayed Montana conservatives. They have censored the best forensic climate physicist on the planet (me), a Montanan, a faithful Republican, who is also an expert in winning lawsuits.