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Sweden Did Exceptionally Well During The COVID-19 Pandemic

•, by Peter Gøtzsche

Numerous studies have shown Sweden's excess death rate to be among the lowest in Europe during the pandemic and in several analyses, Sweden was at the bottom...

This is remarkable considering that Sweden has admitted that it did too little to protect people living in nursing homes.

Unlike the rest of the world, Sweden largely avoided implementing mandatory lockdowns, instead relying on voluntary curbs on social gatherings, and keeping most schools, restaurants, bars and businesses open. Face masks were not mandated and it was very rare to see any Swede dressed as a bank robber.

The Swedish Public Health Agency "gave more advice than threatened punishment" while the rest of the world installed fear in people. "We forbade families to visit their grandmother in the nursing home, we denied men attendance at their children's births, we limited the number who were allowed to attend church at funerals. Maybe people are willing to accept very strong restrictions if the fear is great enough."

If we turn to other issues than mortality, it is clear that the harms done by the draconian lockdowns in the rest of the world have been immense in all sorts of ways.

For any intervention in healthcare, we require proof that the benefits exceed the harms. This principle was one of the first and most important victims of the pandemic. Politicians all over the world panicked and lost their heads, and the randomised trials we so badly needed to guide us were never carried out.

We should abbreviate the great pandemic to the great panic.

In my book, "The Chinese virus: Killed millions and scientific freedom," from March 2022, I have a section about lockdowns.