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The Sexualization of Students in CA Schools

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OPINION: The Sexualization of Students in CA Schools is Escalating to an Ugly Place

Parent concerns are brushed aside, while LGBT activists bully parents and school officials

By Katy Grimes, April 3, 2023 12:02 pm

California public schools aren't your grandfather's schools any longer. Today's lesson plans are written by Social Justice Warriors and LGBT activists, and enshrined in the California education code. And what is being foisted on children as young as age five, cannot even be uttered on the public airways, because radio stations would receive a violation letter from the Federal Communications Commission.

If sexually explicit language is unsuitable for public consumption on radio, wouldn't it also be unsuitable for school-aged children?

I've been covering education issues in California for many years and watched as parental concerns have escalated from declining liberal arts curriculum to sexualized curriculum, as well as the sexualization of young and teen students. Parents have turned over volumes of sexualized curriculum their young children have been exposed to in the classroom. Others have found copies of highly inappropriate library books featuring cartoon pictures of young kids performing sex acts, written descriptions of sex acts, and books encouraging the exploration of gender fluidity.