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Sex Traffickers Using TikTok To Lure Children, Youth Therapist Warns

• Zero Hedge

Authored by J.M. Phelps via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

TikTok may be providing opportunities for sex traffickers to groom children, a youth therapist has warned.

Dr. Katie Guinn has spent the last 10 years providing in-home family therapy to young people and their families in the Acadiana region of Louisiana. She is the regional director of The Center for Children and Families, a nonprofit organization that provides advocacy, counseling, and other services for families in need.

The need for mental health services among young people has skyrocketed in the last two years, according to Guinn, who said that she is encountering more and more children who have been victims of sex trafficking. In providing a definition of the term, she said that "sex trafficking involves engaging in sexual activities against the will of a person for an exchange of goods." The transaction is not always associated with money, but can also include drugs, food, or shelter, for example.