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Hillary & Obama In Secret Bilderberg Rendezvous

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"Reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane," reports the Associated Press.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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So what?
These people lie right in Americas face.What does America do about it....NOTHING!!
Well! I can`t really say "NOTHING",the Americans do talk...ALLOT.
These "Candidates" are ABOVE THE LAW...WHY? because Americans do not have the nerve to stop them.
It will be too late when they toss the last shovel of dirt on you...and that time ain`t far away.
Americans can`t even stop the MSM from Bending Over for "Rupert Murdoch".
"Home of the Brave" your dreams.
Sorry! I would stay longer to talk about the taking over of your country,but!! I must watch "American Idol"....I do have priorities.