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Every Mac contains a HIDDEN Bitcoin manifesto written by 'the father of cryptocurrency':


Every Apple Mac computer sold since 2018 contains the original Bitcoin manifesto - prompting experts to question whether the tech firms are secretly collaborating.

A white paper by the elusive 'Father of Bitcoin' Satoshi Nakamoto which lays out the value of the digital currency can be found as a PDF on the devices. 

The discovery was made by tech blogger Andy Baio who asked whether there was a 'secret Bitcoin maxi' working for Apple. 

The term 'Bitcoin maxi' refers to those who devotedly believe Bitcoin is the most superior digital currency.

Others pointed out that it was strange given Apple temporarily banned Bitcoin from its app store in 2014 amid concern over volatile cryptocurrencies.

Baio was attempting to fix his printer when he found the 184 kilobyte document which was built in as a sample on the Image Capture function. 

He asked 'over a dozen' of his friends who confirmed the text was also hidden in their devices under the filename 'simpledoc.pdf.'

The paper - titled 'Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system' outlines the case for implementing digital currencies globally. 

It was first published by Nakamoto in October 2008 when the world was reeling from the financial crisis. 

The founder - whose identity remains a mystery - argued the way stop future collapses was through a digital currency which allowed people to make payments online 'without going through a financial institution.'

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