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Time to Revisit the Maria Butina Case

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Unfortunately, however, Bout isn't the only Russian citizen who U.S. officials have targeted as part of their long-term plan to restore hostile relations with Russia and reinvigorate their old but lucrative Cold War racket against Russia.

There is also Maria Butina, the young Russian woman who was targeted with arrest, prosecution, incarceration, and deportation for having the audacity to enter the United States with the intent of establishing good relations between the United States and Russia. The Pentagon and the CIA needed the Justice Department to teach this Russian woman a lesson, one that could be used against everyone else who dared to foil the U.S. scheme to restore hostile relations with Russia and reinvigorate the old Cold War racket against Russia.

Butina was born in 1988. According to Wikipedia, "She graduated with honors at the age of 17 from Gymnasium Number 22 with in-depth study of the English language, and from school years she strove for active public activity. She studied political science at Altai State University and also received a teaching degree. At age 19, she was elected to the public council of Altai Krai in the last direct election for the council."

In 2011, she founded a Russian gun-rights organization called Right to Bear Arms. The right to keep and bear arms was not a popular position among the Russian populace. Even Russian president Vladimir Putin declared his opposition to gun rights. Expressing the same perspective as American leftists, Putin stated, "I am deeply convinced that the free flow of firearms will bring a great harm and represents a great danger for us."