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The Pentagon Leaks Charade

•, By Pepe Escobar

So here, at face value, we have a major leak essentially detailing Pentagon planning for the next stage of the NATO vs. Russia proxy war in Ukraine: the interminably debated Spring "counter-offensive" that may, or may not, start in mid-April, as well as war plans shared with FVEY – the Five Eyes.

The leaked intel might – and the operative word is "might" – be advantageous to Russia were this not to be misdirection: and the possibility is quite real.

The inestimable Ray McGovern, who knows one or two things about the CIA, noted whether the Pentagon is "falsifying kill-ratio to gild Easter lilies in Kyiv? Recent leak of an apparently official NATO document shows 71,500 Ukrainians KIA and only 16,000 to 17,500 Russians, a far cry from earlier Pentagon 'estimates'. All sounds so Vietnam-déjà vu!"

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