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Can I Legally Dump Gray Water on the Ground While RV Camping?

•, Mike Wendland

RVing has a big advantage over tent camping: a mobile restroom and kitchen. You get to take water with you and bathe and wash wherever you go. 

As RVers are self-contained and carry their own water supply, they also have to dispose of their wastewater in a responsible and legal manner. 

This leads to the question: Can you legally dump gray water on the ground while camping? 

The answers depend on what kind of land you are on and state laws, but we'll try to clear it up as much as possible.

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What is RV Gray Water?

First, let's quickly define RV gray water (aka graywater or grey water). RV gray water is the wastewater generated from the shower, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink, excluding toilet waste. 

It is different from black water, which is sewage from the toilet. Gray water can contain soap, shampoo, and small food particles, making it a potential environmental hazard if not disposed of properly.

So, Is It Legal to Dump Gray Water on the Ground?

In most states, it is illegal to dump gray water on the ground. However, some states do allow it, but typically with very specific restrictions. 

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