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Biden admin demands Supreme Court authorize full access to abortion chemicals

• by Bob Unruh

After a federal judge, Matthew Kacsmaryk, ruled that the Food and Drug Administration failed to evaluate the psychological or long-term medical consequences of abortion chemicals and took them off the market, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed his decision to suspend availability of mifepristone.

But the appellate judges did allow to stand several minor restrictions on access to the chemical combination that kills unborn children.

And that, in the pro-abortion Biden administration, simply was wrong.

Officials went to the Supreme Court immediately with their demands that the abortion chemicals be freely available to anyone, without any significant limits.

Kamala Harris became the Biden mouthpiece on the issue on Thursday.

She claimed that the 5th Circuit ruling "invalidates the scientific, independent judgment of the FDA about when and how a medicine is available to Americans."