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As We Face the Battle Ahead, We Need to Find Our Friends, and Come Together

• By Kat Stansell

Here's the message: We must form community with those around us. How and with whom we move forward may determine the stability, indeed the very existence, of our lives, for the near future. It will certainly affect our forward progress against the evil afoot. We need each other now, more than ever. Just raise your tent flaps and bring in as many like-minded people as you can find around you at work or play, down the block or across the street. It's honestly not that hard if we hold to a few truths.

First, understand that old political party labels ("R", "D", "I", and "L") are now meaningless; they only serve to inflame the already dangerously dry timber of misconceptions. They've been confounded by the hard slide to the left of about 90% of our politicians. If we are to work together, we as a society, must understand that our only remaining choices are between our Constitution and Communism not "R": or "D". It's imperative that we help as many as possible to see that.

The old party labels only serve to anger and frustrate those who are searching for their old political allegiances, so just stop using the old terms.

Once, politicians of various ilks compromised to solve America's problems. NOW, one side thinks that America IS the problem.

Now, money buys votes, and determines public policy. The money that is doing the buying, is for the most part, that dark money that demands sacrifice of everything from our bodies to our property rights, to feed the maw of their One World government. That, is where we are headed. Fast.

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