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Barack Obama's Family Admit He's NOT American and Michelle Is 'Not What He Seems'

•, Baxter Dmitry

Now Malik Obama is dropping truth bombs and documents proving his younger brother Barack Obama was born in Nairobi, Kenya and was thus a fake and illegitimate president.

Malik says everybody in the Obama family calls Barack "Fake ass" and has a major truth bomb to drop about Michelle Obama too. Malik's revelations come at the same time as Columbia University graduates, who were supposedly in the same class as Barack Obama, admit they have no memory of him at all.

At this point we have to ask, is there anything real about America's first black president – or is he a total fraud? Are Barack and Michelle Obama the biggest con jobs in history?

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Malik Obama has a history of dropping truth bombs about his family on Twitter. On Tuesday he posted a few highly incriminating documents from his brother's Kenyan history, proving that the history we have been told about Obama is a total lie.