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What You Need to Know About Growing Potatoes

• Organic Prepper - Amy Allen

The world is changing. We can see it in the grocery store and feel it in the air. Shortages are still a thing, and the prices on the available things are outrageous! Being a forward-looking person who's trying to adapt to the new normal, you've decided to grow at least some of your own food. Congratulations! Every bite that you can grow can only help. The food will taste better and is likely to be more nutritious. And growing potatoes can be one of the best choices for your garden!

While food from the garden isn't free, trading time and effort is quite likely a benefit to your finances. There are a number of ways to garden in the city. There are a ton of resources on this site discussing everything from water efficiency to kitchen scrap gardening to community garden plots to gardening in arid environments and apartments. The Search feature will be very helpful here. 

But what about growing specific items? Vegetables are much like people in the sense that they prefer different conditions in order to be happy and produce food. In this article, I'll discuss growing potatoes. They're awesome for preppers because you get a lot of caloric bang for your buck.

Selecting what kind of potatoes to grow

Potatoes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Red, white, blue, purple, waxy, and fingerling to name a few. These don't lend themselves well to hydroponics because the tuber will often shatter the reservoir or sit in the nutrient solution, becoming wet and mushy. They can, however, be grown both in the ground and in containers. I've grown them successfully both ways. I've also learned a few lessons the hard way, which I'll share.