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Hunter Biden is Going to Get Joe Biden Impeached

•, Brandon Weichert

Many on the Right believe he is as bad—if not worse—than Jimmy Carter.

At least with Carter he was a devoutly Christian man who tried to do the right thing (though he rarely managed it). 

Biden, on the other hand, is devious to the point that it strains credulity how he's made it this far in national politics and gone as far as he has. 

Despite claims of Biden's stupidity and/or senility, the forty-sixth president has managed to weather years' worth of what many feel should be corruption charges.

Although, his years of obfuscating and deflecting the public attention away from his alleged wrongdoing may be coming to an end as his terribly flawed son, Hunter, has left a trail of incriminating evidence from here to Beijing and back. 

It is Hunter Biden who is the weakest link in the chain that links Hunter's alleged widespread, global influence operations to trade on his father's various political positions over the years in exchange for a ton of money.