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Pay Now vs. Then

• by Eric

For one year's work. For about nine year's work, she has been paid about $200 million, according to the trade publication, Automotive News.

That's nice work – if you can get it.

GM – all of it – currently has about a 17 percent market share in the U.S. It's up slightly from the 16-ish percent GM had circa 2021 but it's still a lot less of a share than GM's Chevrolet division had by itself back in 1970, when then-CEO James M. Roche was paid $822,000 for the year.The rest of GM – back then – had about a 50 percent market share.This included GM's Oldsmobile and Pontiac divisions, which, together, once had more market share than all of GM does today. They no longer have any market share – having been disbanded in the early 2000s due to not having much market share left by then.