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Edward Dowd is a founding partner with Phinance Technologies, a global macro-alternative investment firm. He has worked on Wall Street most of his career in both credit markets and equity markets and has worked for many large firms including HSBC, Independence Investments, and most notably, he worked for Blackrock as a portfolio, where he managed a $14 billion Growth-Equity portfolio for ten years. After leaving BlackRock, he founded Ocean Square Asset Management with two former BlackRock colleagues.

His recent book, Cause Unknown, begins with a close look at the actual human reality behind the statistics. When you see the people who are represented by the dry term 'Excess Mortality' it's difficult to accept that so many unexpected sudden deaths were 'out of the blue' –  especially now that we have evidence of more than 1100 young athletes who have died – and they are known to be the healthiest among us.