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Warning - DON'T TRUST THE MEAT, Do THIS Instead.. | shtf news | Beef

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Meaning do this instead to options that you guys should be aware of so that you don't have to deal with questionable meat and what they're putting in it at the grocery store, this is SHTF news. This is prepper news regarding beef and meat in the grocery store, when's the last time you did a grocery hall maybe for prepping maybe for dinner maybe for putting together some meat in the freezer maybe you watch the beef Netflix and you decided to go buy a steak with all that steak inflation maybe watched some Prepping channels like Alaska prepper Canadian prepper Goshen Prepping alaska prepper, Southern prepper, one pinball preparedness for a little bit of awareness news and they got you in the mindset of emergency, preparedness and awareness to go out and stock up on some meat beef specifically, regarding beef and beef, prices and beef. inflation it is happening along with food, inflation and grocery inflation. Some say they've been seeing some beef shortages with all of the beef and cows and there crisis, have you seen a meat shortage? Are you interested in natural beef without everything they're putting in it? Maybe you've wondered what is the best beef? Whether you're prepping or just doing a standard grocery hall people are worried about beef ending meaning it may not be the beef they want from the grocery store or food. Shortages will have a beef shortage, maybe you saw some warning on the awareness channel called the macs, maybe it's because of the supply chain inflation and supply chain issues regarding the food shortages and upcoming food shortage? Inflation is definitely hard to deal with and regarding this beef controversy it will also affect food prices. Many people question butcher, box meat the fact that it's not USA beef that butcher box raises it's beef in other countries or maybe you're worried about the company Cargill lots of controversy out there about Cargill and their ethics and code of ethics or lack of, so being ready, being prepared for empty shelves, and more inflation staying up on prepper news SHTF, news and Preparedness many people preppers or not are considering safer food at home ?