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Regulatory crime of the century: Australian government TGA finally lifts Ivermectin ban

•, By Jo Nova

Apparently, they don't have to worry now that crazy people will use it to avoid getting injected with a barely studied, radical new form of drug which had no published data.

TGA: Removal of prescribing restrictions on ivermectin
From 1 June 2023, prescribing of oral ivermectin for 'off-label' uses will no longer be limited…

…there is sufficient evidence that the safety risks to individuals and public health is low when prescribed by a general practitioner in the current health climate.

This considers the evidence and awareness of medical practitioners about the risks and benefits of ivermectin, and the low potential for any shortages of ivermectin for its approved uses. Also, given the high rates of vaccination and hybrid immunity against COVID-19 in Australia, use of ivermectin by some individuals is unlikely to now compromise public health.

Ten years before this decision they knew it was no threat to public health. Ivermectin was known to be so safe researchers fed it to children in a trial to kill head lice in a Canberra primary school in 2010. Back in those medieval days, people were giving horse dewormer to kids, and nobody cared.

When it was banned, the TGA gave three reasons, none of which made sense. In September 2021 the TGA even pretended Australia might run out of ivermectin due to the new demand driven by consenting taxpayers with their doctor's recommendation. This is a drug that is so mass produced, it costs six cents a tablet and that same month, Indian suppliers sold nearly $3 million USD worth. Yet no one in the Australian government thought to phone Indiamart and put in an order? The shortage was never the problem was it?

How many people died because ivermectin was banned?

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