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Digital Fentanyl: The CCP's Cyber Campaign To Destroy America

• by Kash Patel

They have a disciplined ability to think generationally rather than focus on the current political climate of the now. The CCP has zero respect for the rule of law, nor do they abide by any code of ethics. When you have the ability to rule without law, you become the world's adversary.

The CCP has poured their fentanyl onto our streets via their partners south of our border: the Mexican drug cartels. This has led to the untimely deaths of over 100,000 Americans last year alone due to fentanyl overdoses. Now, China has fashioned this death drug into the form of common candy to make it more appealing to our youth. This is the death train being operated by the CCP. It's the one you can see and feel every day.

Tragically, for America, the CCP also have their silent killer in the form of digital fentanyl, and it's called TikTok. This social media platform is a facet of CCP warfare that remains invisible to most.

The CCP has launched an information war on America that isn't in the form of news. However, the means by which they're doing so is now only being accurately reported in the mainstream media. After years of accepting CCP disinformation, our media is finally waking up to the cold hard fact of data theft. The CCP pirates are seizing troves of information daily through TikTok.