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Mil-Spec, the best you can do?

• David Poz -

This is a military diesel generator I bought from auction. It's 16 years old and has been sitting outside, un-used, most of it's life. Lets bring it back to life. Model: MEP-831A, which is a 3kW 120/240V model. It has a single cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. Model L70AE-DEGFR, or typically we just say L70.  

This is about a 6 horsepower engine, but probably feels more like a 7 horsepower.  The data sticker says Cont. Output: 4.4kW, and Max output: 4.9kW.   296cc displacement.

Generator Control Boards:
Kurt Klopp designs and builds control boards for several military generators.  In most cases, these are improved designs from the original.  Visit his Ebay store here:

Note, I purchased my board from Kurt at full price.  I'm not affiliate with Kurt Klopp. 

Buying a military generator:  If you want to buy a military generator contact my buddy, Chris, here:  He is in North Carolina and buys generators at auction.  Then he fixes them up, and load tests them before selling.