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Stay Charged with a SMART Battery Charger for RVs (2023)

•, Mike Wendland

Many RVers are familiar with 'trickle battery chargers' that recharge an RV battery if it sits unused for a while. They're a great tool for gradually restoring a low or depleted battery to full charge. 

However, old manual chargers and tricklers have a few safety risks to you and your battery. They could spark if connected improperly, which could shock you or cause an explosion. Plus, if left on too long, they could overcharge and destroy your battery… also potentially leading to an explosion. 

These dangers have led to improvements over the past decade or so, and now these types of batteries are referred to as "smart battery chargers." Long-time RVers tend to still call them tricklers, but what you're really searching for (and want) is a smart battery charger. It does more than just trickling, too.

We're gonna tell you more about them, and give you a few good options to use for your RV.