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Rejuvant Antiaging Supplement Studies Show Large Biomarker Age Reversal

•, by Brian Wang

I personally have been taking Rejuvant for a month and half. I also started with an aging biomarker test and a spit test analysis. The analysis found that I had genetics that reduced my absorption of Vitamin B. I am now taking Vitamin B supplements along with Rejuvant. I will taking another aging biomarker tests after the six months of Rejuvant. If I was like the average of a previous study, I would expect to see about an eight year reduction in the aging biomarker.

Rejuvant has human medical studies where aging biomarkers have been reversed to reduce measured biological age. There is more than the single case as the study looked at hundreds of people.

Tom Weldon, the founder and CEO of Ponce de Leon Health, has accomplished longevity escape velocity with one supplement, his own Rejuvant.

This chart shows the measurements. There are error bars but the midpoints indicate that over a three 6 months courses of using Rejuvant every day he has his measured biologial age reduce from 52 down to 45. If this is accurate, then it would suggest he is squaring the health curve. According to biomarkers he is getting substantially healthier.

I would interpret effect to mean that people can be far healthier up to 80 to 95 but then aging damage still reaches critical levels to cause aging diseases.