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RFK Jr: 'My Uncle Wanted To Shatter CIA Into 1,000 Pieces'


Addressing a Twitter user from Cuba who commented the Cuban people were distrustful of JFK and the CIA, RFK Jr. defending his uncle wrote, "The CIA lied to my uncle and to the brigade."

"My uncle wanted to resign after those men were ambushed on the beach. He told his top aid [sic] 'I want to shatter the CIA into 1000 pieces and scatter it to the winds.'"

Kennedy Jr. was referring to the CIA's 1961 bungled Bay of Pigs operation carried out under JFK's tenure in which Cuban exiles trained and supported by the CIA launched a failed invasion stopped by Cuban forces on the shores of Cuba.

Kennedy took responsibility in a televised speech after the invasion failed, but he was reportedly furious with the CIA for inadequate planning, and became distrustful of their intelligence reports and operations in Cuba.

The event supposedly served as the basis for JFK's angry comments to his top aides saying he would "splinter the C.I.A. into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds."

RFK Jr's comments accompanied a tweet showing a photo of him at a young age with his uncle.

Over the weekend, RFK Jr. also stated he believed the CIA was "involved in the murder" of his uncle and has presided over a "60-year cover-up".

During an interview, host Jason Calacanis asked Kennedy, "Do you believe they (the CIA) were involved in the murder of your uncle?"

Kennedy instantly responded, "They were definitely involved in the murder and the 60-year cover-up," adding, "They're still not releasing, you know the papers that legally they have to release."

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