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EXCLUSIVE - 1,000 migrants from as far away as China line up before dawn...


The line beside the border wall is 100 long before sun up on Thursday. 

The arrivals — from Colombia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Mauritania, Ecuador, BrazilChina, but mostly from Peru on Thursday morning — wait patiently for their turn to be processed and to climb aboard a Customs and Border Protection bus. 

By the time each load moves on, another few dozen migrants have threaded their way across a canal and over the Colorado River that marks the border with Mexico.

Within an hour more than 300 people are waiting in line. This is how the day before the end of Title 42 looks in Yuma, Arizona.

The city is already overstretched. With no beds left, officials say they began releasing migrants on to the streets two days ago, with court hearing dates set for 2026 or 2027.

By the end of the day the number of arrivals is forecast to be well over 1000. 

Sandra, 32, and Bruno, 32, said they were just relieved to arrive on U.S. soil, clutching their three-year-old daughter Sophia.

'She has a condition, autism,' said Sandra. 'There is just not good care for her in Peru.'

They shuttered their travel agency and used their savings to make the two-day journey, flying into Mexico and then making their way to the crossing.

More than three-quarters of the line has come from Peru. People offer the same story: Months of political upheaval has triggered daily protests and frequent police crackdowns, often with deadly force.