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'Where the hell is the f***ing footage?': J6 prisoner scorches McCarthy

•, By Bob Unruh

A Jan. 6 prisoner is demanding House Speaker Kevin McCarthy release all of the Capitol surveillance video that he promised to make public.

It was about four months ago that McCarthy vowed to release all of the footage as the Republican Party took control of the House when it was elected into the majority.

The Gateway Pundit commented, "Here we are now, 5 months into House Republicans' reign of Congress, and nothing is happening."

The report explained prisoner Dominic Pezzola called the Pundit to express his anger.

"He still hasn't let it out. They are just all talk. They don't care about us," Pezzola said. "If we don't get up and get off our a***s and grow a set, it's going to be too late for our way of life. If it doesn't affect you right now, someday, your children are going to school in between learning about proper pronouns and transgender studies, they are going to be learning about the ancient conservatives that are now extinct that used to roam the plains of the flyover country that had to be eradicated by the left because they were a threat to socialism and communism."

He charged, "How dare [McCarthy] call himself a Republican. You say you work for us? Everyone knows that January 6 was a complete set-up. There are feds, there are informants and there's Antifa — I mean, there is everything you can imagine in there."