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55 Gardening Resources to Help You Have the Best Harvest Ever

•, Amy Allen

But how do we find it? I've yet to meet a friendly website search engine. Here's one compilation that will help, and I'm including more gardening-specific resources in this article. 

But first, a few pointers about Internet searching. Plug your desired term into your favorite search engine and chances are it'll return hundreds, if not thousands of hits. This site's Search feature returns 19 pages using the term (without quotes) "gardening," 17 pages using the term "garden resources," and 41 pages using the term "garden plan." That's a lot to dig through! How can we cut that down to find the information we're actually looking for? 

How to efficiently search for gardening articles
The first way, whether using a website Search feature or a search engine, is to use very specific terms. For example, the terms (again, without quotes) "garden plan" and "apartment gardening" return articles on the first page of search results that directly address those topics. Boolean searching, which uses specific operators to refine results, can be very helpful but can also be a bit problematic. For example, enclosing the phrase "apartment gardening" in quotes doesn't yield the article on apartment gardening. This is because using the quotes tells the Search feature that both words are required in the results. However, enclosing the word "apartment" in the search query yields not only the apartment gardening article but a few more interesting hits involving safe rooms, making jerky, and hardening your space. 

The AND operator requires both terms in the returned results and can be used to combine two or more criteria. Including the AND operator in your search for apartment gardening so: apartment AND gardening yields 4 pages of articles on small space gardening along with a few of Selco's interviews involving prepping in general. Interesting stuff but not directly related to apartment gardening. However, it's noteworthy that the apartment gardening resources on this site are the first 5 articles on the results page. Much better than looking through 17 pages of hits!