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Map Tracks Illegal Aliens Biden Regime Is Strategically Placing Across America…

• by Patty McMurray

America faces an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration after the Biden administration chose to repeal Title 42, a pandemic-era order that allowed for the expedited expulsion of illegal immigrants.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – A conservative-leaning organization has published a map showing people where the tens of thousands of illegal aliens that are coming in daily are being resettled, and for all of the news about how the illegals crossing our border are being settled in Democrat-run sanctuary cities, you might be surprised to see where the majority of them are headed once they leave the left-leaning NGOs who are responsible for facilitating the aggressive, and seemingly unstoppable invasion of America.

The Heritage Oversight Project and Heritage Border Security and Immigration Center, partnered to track where Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are resettling migrants as the Biden administration has been forced to largely delegate the task due to an unsustainable number of migrants crossing the border.

Unsurprisingly, the map shows that immigrants are largely choosing to settle in Texas, where much of the migration crisis is occurring along the southern border of the state.

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