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Big Medicine pushing women to start getting risky mammograms at age 40...

•, By Ethan Huff

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has released new draft recommendations urging all women to undergo x-ray mammography breast screenings every other year starting at age 40 now, rather than the previous starting age of 50.

Ever since Breast Cancer Awareness Month was first launched in 1985, so-called "cause marketing" campaigns promoting mammography have only increased. It started with older women and has been progressively decreasing to also include younger women.

The idea of "early screening" has been drilled into women's heads to such a degree that some have developed an obsession with getting their breasts squeezed to possibly identify the presence of breast cancer early – but at what cost?

It turns out that the cancer industry uses breast cancer screening as a vehicle to suck women into the expensive world of breast cancer treatment. And all the while, women are never told about anything preventative they can do to avoid developing the disease in the first place.

"The 'breast cancer awareness industry' is notorious for shamelessly promoting products known to cause cancer, like junk food, soda pop, toxic cosmetics, and even fracking, which requires the use of dozens of carcinogenic chemicals – and even radionuclides, resulting in environmental contamination," one report warns.