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Ideological Echo Chambers Are Making Us All Stupid: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

• By: Caitlin Johnstone

CNN isn't horrible because it "platformed" Trump, CNN is horrible because it's an imperialist propaganda firm whose whole job is to deceive people into supporting the most depraved agendas of the world's most powerful people. Hosting that town hall was one of the least evil things CNN has done.

Liberals shouldn't be upset at CNN for betraying their trust by platforming Trump, they should be upset with themselves for trusting CNN. It's so, so much worse than they're giving it credit for.

If you find Elon Musk's hiring of a new Twitter CEO with a background in mainstream media and the World Economic Forum shocking and contradictory, it's probably an indication that your worldview isn't informed by an accurate perception of what's really happening. You probably haven't been thinking accurate thoughts about Musk, and you probably haven't been thinking accurate thoughts about the WEF. Nothing about this stands out as surprising for those who see both as figures of status quo global capitalism.

In many right wing circles Musk's beneficence has been massively overstated and the WEF's nature has been wildly distorted. Really they're both just garden variety manifestations of the mundane capitalist dystopia we live in, and are deeply invested in maintaining this dystopia. 

Lately the WEF has served as an ideological scapegoat for rightists who are critical of the establishment but are ideologically unable to see capitalism's role in this mess. They paint the WEF as some freakish aberration rather than the true face of the capitalism they support. In such circles the WEF has taken on a narrative role as a villainous antagonist that capitalism supporters can point to and say "Look at those freaks, they're ruining the capitalism!" When in fact the WEF is just the face of what capitalism looks like when it gets to this stage.