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The Western Media Disinformation Campaign: Fall Of Bakhmut, A Case In Point

• by Gilbert Doctorow

My brief essay today addresses the latter phenomenon and the introduction of the word "disinformation" into common parlance. There is a charming freshness to it, unlike the stale and repugnant word "propaganda."

The word "disinformation" has a specific context in time and intent: it is used by the powers that be and by the mainstream media they control to denigrate, marginalize and suppress sources of military, political, economic and other information that might contradict the official government narrative and so dilute the control exercised by those in power over the general population. It is to remove "disinformation" from public life that the United States and EU member states ban RT and other Russian media outlets from the internet, from satellite and cable television channels. The censorship here in Europe varies from country to country and is probably most drastic in France and Germany. One would think that these European states are truly at war with Russia, not just giving a helping hand to Kiev.

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