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Law in the United States of America Series - Part 1

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Law is interpreted in several ways, but there is truly only one law. Law is the natural law, or common law. Common law is founded on common sense. Our God given natural rights are ways in which natural law expresses itself. Common law is older even than the 1688 English Declaration of Rights, which listed some of the rights of man, but listed them as if they were privileges given by government. Common law is much deeper and more profound than any privilege that can be granted and taken away by some outside "authority".  

"Laws" refers to the legislative actions taken by governments to regulate populations. Laws are invalidated and null and void when in contradiction to natural, common law.

There is no point in referring to modern day dictionaries for definitions of law and laws because they all make it seem like the law comes from a government or that government even has the ability to determine law. The origin of law is based on a society recognizing fundamental rules of behavior that are repugnant to healthy coexistence. Common law/common sense recognizes only five types of crime, the breaking of the law. These are murder, assault, rape, theft, and trespass. When one of these hasn't occurred, a crime doesn't exist.