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"I became a Bitcoiner when I saw what Canada did to the truckers"

• Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show

by Mark E. Jeftovic

Robert F Kennedy Jr, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to run for President of the United States of America, just came out as an unabashed Bitcoiner in a historic keynote delivered at the seminal #Bitcoin2023 Conference in Miami, FL.

In front of the standing-room-only crowd in the Satoshi Nakamoto hall, the presidential contender said he saw the necessity for Bitcoin last year during the #FreedomConvoy protests when the Trudeau government invoked the Emergency Act (basically declaring martial law) and began seizing the bank accounts of ordinary citizens.

RFK stated unequivocally "The trucker demonstration was peaceful", and that freedom of money was as paramount as freedom of speech.

"Guess what? The government always has a good excuse to take away your rights", as he began to rattle off now familiar iterations of "the latest thing" that was supposed to be a larger, collective cause that was more important than our individual civil and human rights:

Terrorism, Covid, pandemics, climate the list goes on, "Utopia will come when the government can exercise total control over the population". 

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