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The rEVOLution Ends Now

• Reason Magazine online
Formally, Ron Paul 2008 will be suspended, not shut down. It will exist for "a few more months" as the campaign workers "close up shop."

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Reason Magazine seems to not want to post my comments (I don't see them onsite yet) so I would like to reproduce them here for posterity...

"Ron Pauls' Presidential Campaign maybe 'suspended' and 'winding down', but to state unequivocally in an article title that "the rEVOLution ends now" is about the most despicable slander I've ever seen! Spin, skew, call it what you will, IT IS A LIE! The R3VOLUTION is alive and well and living in the hearts and minds of MANY disenfranchised Americans that have just gone through an equally despicable MEDIA BLACKOUT of the most principled Statesman to ever run for the office!

Hold on to your socks because the R3VOLUTION is JUST GETTING STARTED!

Call me whatever names you will and let the vilification of Patriots continue - I don't listen to ignorant people anyway..... "

For the record.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Close up shop....where did you hear that crap?