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Entertainment industry struggles with 215 bn piracy site visits

• by Eric RANDOLPH

That figure from Britain-based MUSO, which claims the most comprehensive data on piracy websites, shows an 18-percent increase between 2021 and 2022, covering 480,000 films and TV shows.

"It's as easy as it ever was to get illegal content," said CEO Andy Chatterley.

The entertainment industry is not giving up.

It recognises that previous efforts were counter-productive. Targeting individuals with massive fines for downloading a few movies made them look like corporate bullies, while court orders to block websites were often a whack-a-mole waste of time.

These days, they focus on the big fish -- "people buying supercars with the millions they are making out of piracy sites", in the words of Stan McCoy of Motion Picture Association, which represents Hollywood studios.

It formed the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) in 2017 to coordinate anti-piracy efforts with other industry groups globally. It does the legwork to track down big operators and alert police.

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