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Video: Military Style Checkpoints Up & Running in Washington D.C.

• Fox News
YouTube video from Fox News of D.C. Police cordoning off an entire neighborhood and forcing all vehicle traffic through a few choke points where vehicle occupants are interrogated regarding who they are & why they want to travel into the neighborhood

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Comment by Catherine Frances
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I posted this on a gun board (THR) and it was considered TOO political. It was locked by a moderator who is a policeman in another state. An anti gun state to many people IL.

Gee, I don't think that it is too political. It is about GUN issues and I thought that GUN issues in D.C. had to do with a gun board. Plus the fact, that the bad guy can WALK IN and not be stopped by a checkpoint.

They claim that this has to do with fighting GUN VIOLENCE and that is why they want these checkpoints ala Orwell's 1984 and WW2 stops!

NWO R and NWO D people are so bad for this country and FREEDOM in general not only in GUN RIGHTS!

Too bad that the sheep don't wake up. Lesser of the evils is still EVIL in candidates.

Catherine - Armed and Female - Montana