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Outrageous! Children's Choir Stopped Mid-Performance -

• By Jim Hoft

Editor's note: The man talking to the choir director was one of the guides who was told by the Capitol police to walk over and stop the choir immediately.

In a shocking turn of events, the Rushingbrook Children's Choir was interrupted and stopped while singing the National Anthem in Statuary Hall at the United States Capitol.

The children, part of the esteemed Rushingbrook Children's Choir, had traveled to Washington, D.C. last Friday, May 26th, for a scheduled Capitol tour and had received prior approval to sing a short set of patriotic songs inside the historic Statuary Hall.

However, as their angelic voices filled the grand hall while they sang The Star-Spangled Banner with pride, one of the guides intervened, as he was told by the Capitol police that the children stop singing immediately. The abrupt interruption stunned the young performers, the choir director, and the assembled audience.

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