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Judge Issues Restraining Order for 5G Antenna on top of School Building Due...

•, By B.N. Frank

A growing number of Americans don't want cell towers and antennas near their homes or their children's schools due to health and safety risks (see 123456789101112131415161718192021).  One widely reported example of this is in Wyandotte, MI where earlier this year parents as well as legislators and an associate professor started protesting the installation of a 5G antenna on an elementary school's rooftop.  The superintendent claimed it would be too expensive to break the contract, though not long after, she resigned.  More recently a judge granted a restraining order on its installation.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Judge Grants Restraining Order for T-Mobile Cell Tower on Elementary School Amidst Opposition Regarding Health Effects

A Wayne County Michigan Circuit Court judge has granted a motion for a temporary restraining order that will delay activation of a controversial T-Mobile 5G cell tower installed on the smokestack of a Wyandotte elementary school after a lawsuit filed by residents who live nearby.  Wyandotte Michigan parents have been successfully protesting the installation of 5G cell antennas on their children's elementary school due to the issue of health effects from the cell tower radiation resulting in near daily news coverage. The superintendent resigned amidst the controversy.

The lawsuit detailed the stated,  "Unless enjoined by this Court, T-Mobile will begin transmitting noxious, dangerous wireless radiation from the antennas atop the Washington Elementary School continuously all day, every day at a site where young children study and play during their most important developmental years."

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