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REPORT: Crime Plunges In Haiti Amid 'Brutal Vigilante Campaign'


The New York Times reported that the "brutal vigilante campaign" began in late April when a group of people "overpowered" police in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince after they took 14 alleged gang members into custody.

The group of vigilantes took the suspects outside, doused them with gasoline, and burned them to death.

Since the 14 suspects were executed, civilians have reportedly killed at least 160 additional gang members in the area, the report said.

The report said that the vigilante campaign has led to a "sharp drop in kidnappings and killings attributed to gangs."

People in the areas infested with gangs have reportedly feared leaving their homes for a long time and often face extortion. In a less than 10-day span last summer, nearly 500 people were murdered in the city, leaving many afraid to even go buy food.

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