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GOP Demands FBI Briefing on Jan. 6 Pipe-Bomb Probe after Whistleblower Revelations

• by Bannon's War Room

Former FBI agent and whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin, worked on the pipe bomb investigation and said that the suspect used a MetroRail SmarTrip card to a stop in northern Virginia after planting the bombs. The FBI used security footage to obtain the license plate of the car that the individual entered, but have yet to identify him. Seraphin also revealed that a retired chief master sergeant in the Air Force bought the Metrorail SmarTrip card one year before the pipe bomber suspect used it on Jan. 5, 2021. Seraphin said that he was forbidden from speaking to the man and the agent was taken off the case.

Mr. Seraphin said technicians determined the pipe bombs were inoperable, but the FBI's official version claimed that the devices could have detonated at any time. Investigative reporter Darren Beattie said that if the J6 pippe bpmber is identified, the whole case unravels.