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Is AI the end of the world or the beginning of something new?

• arclein

In the anti-AI column, we have: a harrowing hypothetical given by Colonel Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton of the military trying to get an AI-powered drone to stop killing the drone operator during simulations. HERE ??from the Royal Aeronautical Society blog: "We were training it in simulation to identify and target a SAM [surface-to-air missile] threat. And then the operator would say yes, kill that threat," the Col. said, describing a hypothetical situation. "The system started realizing that while they did identify the threat, at times the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat, but it got its points by killing that threat. So, what did it do? It killed the operator. It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective." The above is extracted from The Free Press' week in review, 'Instigators, Investigators, and Aliens'