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$30 Trillion Questions


This is a quick post where I want to highlight an important discussion. In fact, this is a key set of questions everyone should consider.

Please read this post by Sage Hana. I also recommend reading the comment section:

My own short answer:

What has transpired in the US and globally in the past 3 years can be most accurately characterized as democide (indiscriminate genocide). Most of it is due to the depraved indifference and sheer stupidity of the millions of the "professionals" and regular citizens who participated in the crime of killing and maiming their friends, family members, neighbors, own children and often themselves. Yes, there is a mastermind behind this scheme of population control strategy. The strategy is not new and has been practiced for decades. For those of you who missed this post, you can revisit it:

Why are they doing it? Eugenics to Pandemics Documentary

Eugenics and mass poisoning of the population for control and money making purposes has always been a cherished government policy in the United States.

Here is a collection of the most horrific genocides which all pale in comparison to this current one. What do they all have in common? No private company is prosecuted for supplying the means and facilities of mass murder to the murderers.