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Campaign for Liberty Announcement

Ron Paul kicks off the next phase of the Revolution and makes the campaign to restore the Constitution permanent! Let's all work hard and get together September 2nd in Minneapolis!

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Comment by Ed Price
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Any attorney worth his weight can tell you that if Ron Paul ideals win, and the country returns to the rule of law - especially black letter law - by law there will be a bunch of imprisoned (and in some cases, executed) former government officials, because that is what the law demands already in many instances. And there might be a bunch or government officials resigning because they don't really know what the law is and have been breaking the law right and left without realizing it and are scared that this might be the truth and they don't want to find out the hard way. Just think of all the politicians fleeing to Canada for asylum, instead of soldiers who won't fight a bunch of illegal, police actions that government calls war. What fun.

If RP ideals win, and the above does NOT happen, then you can be sure that, even though Ron Paul himself might have been sincere, that the whole system among the people has gone so far into corruption, that all freedom and liberty as once known in the early days of America, will be lost.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Yep,... it's a Republican thing.

That's alright, it leaves the rest of the people for the r3VOLution to work on :)